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The Foundation is proud to count on the support of its ambassadors who are involved in the Quebec Area. Their implication contributes to the advancement and influence of our cause.

My Story




Ms. Laurence St-Germain – in a few words:

  • Member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, since 2015

  • Currently holds the 20th world position in Slalom. She has participated twice in the Olympic Game, won a 6th place in the World Championships in 2019 in Åre, Sweden, and finished 11 times in the top 10 at the World Cup

  • She has also been a member of the University of Vermont Ski Team and color bearer of this team at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) events.

  • Since May 2019, she holds a bachelors’ degree in computer science and, to this day, pursues her undergraduate studies in biomedical engineering at the Polytechnique de Montréal.

Why chose the ARTÈRE Foundation?

“My grandfather suffered a stroke at the age of 64. Unfortunately, he was left with important disabilities. He was lucky to have the support of his loved ones which made a tremendous difference in his rehabilitation. The ARTÈRE Foundation is most dear to me because it contributes to the support that each and every one should have access to, not only people with a stroke but also their loved ones.”

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Vice-Président, TELUS Québec

M. Jean-François St-Germain – in a few words:

  • Involved in various social and community causes from the very start of his career.

  • Sits on numerous Boards of Directors such as Opération Enfant Soleil since 2010 and Motivaction Jeunesse since 2013.

  • Since 2010, Mr. St-Germain is Vice-President of the TELUS Community Investment Committee for the Québec Area. Over the years, TELUS has, via this committee, contributed more than 5 million dollars to more than one hundred organizations, mainly in the fields of youth health and education.

  • Every year, Mr. St-Germain represents TELUS in a dozen fund raising activities, often as Honorary President, especially the Fondation Tel-Jeunes, the Maison Michel-Sarrazin, and many others.

Why chose the ARTÈRE Foundation?

“The ARTÈRE Foundation is dear to me personally, like many others who have known loved ones who have had this illness that has an impact on the whole family. I hope that I can help the Foundation grow since this cause, I believe, is largely underfinanced compared to other health causes.”

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